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How to make your Lips look Plumper and Bigger without Botox Shots

Interesting Fact! Did you know that cinnamon's essential oils increase blood flow which makes your lips look plumper.
All your life you’ve been dreaming of plump and sexy lips but nature endowed you with thin and unimpressive lips and you are not a fan of plastic surgeons and Botox shots. But nothing's impossible! I’ve got a few useful tips for you. Check them out!

To make your lips plumper and rosy, tap your day cream for sensitive eyes into your lips every morning. It has to be applied on the red fringe around lips with light massaging movements. But don’t stretch them. 
Vegetable oils (sunflower, olive, castor) are perfect for lip nourishment, especially if you have dry lips. Add a few drops of lemon juice and wipe your lips with that mixture. In 10 minutes blot unabsorbed residue with a napkin. There is a special lip gymnastic which helps to prevent lips from getting thinner with age.
Stretch out your lips and blow forward as though your are trying to put out a candle. Repeat this exercise 30-40 times.
Take a deep breath and puff out your cheeks. Exhale. Alternating slow exhalation with sharp exhalation. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times.
Pronounce sounds “a-e-o-u”. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times.

And try not to purse your lips in a fretful grimace. The basic exercise is a smile.

Make special mask once a week using peaches, bananas, honey, and cream. They improve lip condition and make lip outline look sharper. Besides, they help to prevent peeling. You can use:
Carrot juice with honey;
Banana with warm milk;
Liquid honey with vegetable oil.

Apply one of these masks to your lips for 5-10 minutes and remove it with a cotton ball. Then moisturize your lips with day cream or hygienic lipstick.

Now let’s see how to make your lips plumper using make-up. It’s really easy. Marilyn Monroe who had flat lips used this trick. She managed to charm all the men using 3 shades of red lipstick everyday.  

At first, she applied the medium colour of red lipstick to her lips. Then she made a dot in the centre with the darkest shade of red. In the end she made the outline with the brightest colour.
You can use two kinds of lipstick: apply dark lipstick to the centre of the lips and the bright one to the edges and shade them. If you have only one colour of lipstick in your cosmetic bag, concentrate colour in the center and shade it to the edges so the outline will be paler.

This secret will help you to increase lip volume and make you look sexier. You can use any colour except lipsticks with strong shimmer.

Widely used shimmer lipsticks emphasize all the defects, while light gloss makes them less evident. Strong tan + Shimmer lipstick make your face look harsh and unattractive. 

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